Tony Blomme

Tony Blomme started as a draftsman. Making quick and non-binding sketches and designs evolved into fully elaborated drawings. Later I started experimenting with watercolor. This allowed me to introduce the aspect of 'color' back into my work and immediately a new and extensive arsenal of techniques and resources presented itself. Fascinated as I am by the representation of a chosen subject to reality, it was obvious that from my years at the academy I was fascinated by artists who approached their subjects in a realistic way. I preferred the magical realism of the early last century with painters such as Carel Willink, Raoul Heinkes and others. During my years at the academy, a new style emerged: hyperrealism. A first generation of artists came from the USA who, under the heading of 'photorealism', represent their view of contemporary society. My choice of subjects was partly determined by the discovery of these photorealists. As a lover of the urban landscape, I bring my subjects from travels I have made across the different continents of our earth. I like to share the mystique of a certain place with my audience.

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