Rudy Dewaele

Rudy Dewaele

As a self-taught artist, I am skilled in creating images in ceramics, paintings in oil and acrylic as well as drawings with pencil, charcoal and Indian ink.

At the age of sixteen I started making my first brushstrokes with oil paint. I found inspiration in landscapes, still lifes and flowers.

I soon became inspired by the human body, its anatomy, its mobility, its strength and its beauty. I further developed my drawing skills through self-study.

When I was thirty, I discovered the world of three-dimensional art and decided to take a course in construction technique for ceramic sculptures with artist Johan Nyssen. I then took a bronze casting course with artist Jeffrey Devriese and a glass course (fusing / slumping and mold casting). / Pate de foute) by glass artist Marcel Vlamynck.

The bodies in my ceramic sculptures are born from the raw matter of nature; just as we ourselves emerge from nature. My sculptures form an interplay of raw material and elegant forms.

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