Petra Sophia Roffel

My love for art in glass started in 2013 while visiting a glass-studio. Ever since I have been deeply intrigued by the many manifestations of glass and eager to learn every detail. In 2016, I started to study glass-art, in Mechelen, Belgium. I also broadened my knowledge of glass by following several Masterclasses in the Netherlands, Belgium, Scotland and Germany.

In June 2022, I graduated at the Art Academy IKA (Instituut voor Kunst en Ambacht, Glass Department) in Mechelen, BE.


My favorite techniques for working with glass are in a kiln: casting, fusing and pâte de verre, but since 2022 I'm also exploring working with borosilicate on a torch. I love combining creativity with technical knowledge and crafsmanship. Glass has a personality of her own. ‘She’ can truly act as a Drama Queen, so you absolutely have to get to know every aspect of her temper, in order to be able to work 'together'. The learning curve that accompanies this proces is challenging and exciting!

I find glass thé perfect material to express intangible and abstract ideas and personal feelings as the very essence of glass enhances the symbolism in the visual language. I try to embrace imperceptibility with its transparency.

I find inspiration in personal stories, music and literature and I am drawn to contrasts: life and transience, drama and resilience. Glass challenges me to think about the essence of life; what are our similarities and what binds us as human beings.


My background lies in another art-field: I graduated in Spanish Linguistics and Literature. Until 2019, I have travelled around the globe for KLM, Royal Dutch Airlines KLM as a Sr. Purser. Meeting people of different backgrounds and culture was truly interesting.


Nominated for Stanislav Libensky Award 2022, Prague, Rosenberg Palace, Czech Republic. 

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