JanKees Lantermans

JanKees Lantermans



In the vision of Jan Kees Lantermans, sculpting is about denying the original form by transforming it to the maximum. The solid and rigid character of natural stone must be transformed into a light and plastic form. Time and space play an important role in this; Lantermans' works give the illusion of being bent or distorted. "Only nature is capable of liquefying stone. To sculpt is to provoke mother nature!", according to Lantermans.



Both art and architecture give Lantermans elements that he uses in his design language. By studying and combining these disciplines, new designs arise in his mind. After a quick sketch, these are hewn directly from natural stone. Lantermans' work has since developed into a style that is immediately recognizable and characterized by flowing forms, double-curved surfaces (so-called hyperbolic paraboloids), literal lighting of the material, elegance, femininity and monumentality.




















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