Godfried Dols

As a little man of three apple boxes high, I made thumb pots from the raw clay that I found between the gravel of the driveway. Later as a growing adolescent I learned to work on the potter's wheel, played drums, drew, worked with wood, learned blacksmithing and turned out to have a talent for training dogs and teaching. After I completed my training as an electronics mechanic in 1980, I worked for 17 years as an all-round technician in the industry in Sittard. In 1990 I founded the first professional dog school in the south of the Netherlands. A year later I started as a starting therapist behavioral practice 'the Dog Interpreter ®'. From the age of 48 I followed professional artistic training for several years with various artists in the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy. Two years later I established my studio. Behind-Every-Hill-Another-A-Surprise In 2020 I landed in the village of Eys, in the middle of the Limburg hills that I love so much. Atelier d'r Stjal is located in the old cattle and fruit stable from 1692, located at my house. A wonderfully inspiring and atmospheric studio in the most charming landscape of the Netherlands. In addition to my work as a visual artist and creative teacher, I am professionally active as a humane coach, writer, animal behavior therapist and puppy education expert. Fun-Inspiration-Creativity-Expertise In my studio I give modeling courses and workshops in which I passionately share my knowledge and expertise with students. Do you also want to discover your creativity with your hands, head and heart? Or does an image call to your heart? Know that you are more than welcome!

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