Cathy Ghyoot

I am Cathy Ghyoot, from Bruges, Belgium and my art consists of macro photography/Digital Art.


For my floral artworks I start with an extensive photo report from which 15 to 20 photos are selected, photos of flowers, grasses, grains, textures and liquids, everything that nature offers.

Interaction and reflection of sunlight and artificial light is an important factor and is very inspiring.

Then I make a digital composition of all this, built up with different layers. I work with very vibrant colours, adding depth and relief to the work that makes it look like paintings, with a nod to 17th century wallpaper.


For my abstract work I use different objects, materials, patterns, liquids, paint… Love bright colors so lighting is crucial in this process. It's fascinating to photograph everyday subjects and transform them into my “macro world”, sometimes things that we can barely see with the naked eye.


Choice of output :

printed on high-quality photo paper, joined between aluminum dibond and acrylic glass, sometimes finished with a baking frame. This output provides a beautiful reflection and depth perception of colors and details.
printed fine art by artist with black or white passe-partout and frame. The art paper gives the works a deep sharpness and a very nice color palette.

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