Ans Bakker

The longing for a new landscape, the terrain between heaven and earth. It is the color that occupies me and the light of the movement. Nesting in the earth, the fire, water and shamelessly being reborn. And always looking for that light and that deep desire to do it again. “But it wouldn't be a way if I stood still” Ans Bakker 2017 I try to express the fragility of the landscape. A unity with ourselves as part of the landscape. We are the landscape. I want to give my glass landscapes something human, something tangible, something enlightening, something that calls to tenderness, to affection, to touch, to nurturing. Feelings you can experience in the silence of the landscape. The contact. I translate what I experience and it is up to me to do it as pure as possible. My job is to get the best out of it and convert it into my form, into glass. “You can learn to see beauty everywhere, if you dare to experience it” Ans' glassware is a continuous unfolding of beauty. The speed of transforming from heat to cool cool. From the inside out like a primal urge. A field of tension of existing forms that flow naturally into another form. Powerful, impetuous, and vulnerable but always with an intensity that takes you lovingly into all forms of life itself. 'Marit Meijer' Points of sale at Gallery's and Museumshops

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