Anita de Harde

Anita de Harde

About her work: Anita works with passion on her abstract canvases, portraits and bronzes. She uses both acrylic and oil paint. She works her canvases with a sponge, palette knife and her hands. Fresh green, sky blue and earth tones such as ocher, brown and yellow are common in her work. Relief with whimsical shapes can be seen in most of the canvases. This relief arises from the way in which she pre-treats her canvases. The canvases are first treated with modeling paste or a mixture of paint and sand, after which she continues to work with acrylic or oil paint. This gives the end product a strong spatial aspect. This form of working builds a bridge to her sculptures.


In addition to my artistic activities, I teach yoga in my yoga studio/atelier between my own works of art. As Marije de Smit once said: “Yoga and art are both forms of spirituality. Education Raja Yoga Institute 2003 – teacher and master in Raja Yoga.



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