Ans Duin 1944

Spring is in the air, ca. 2018
Acrylic on linnen
100 x 70 x 4 cm
Flowers all over in all kind of colors. I paint with my heart and dream that the world becomes a beautiful place without hate and war. This colorful painting is painted with acrylic on hunderd percent linen.
A real eye catcher on your wall.

She painted her longing for color, for flowers, for fragrance, for a lovely world. Dream away for a moment, away from reality. The flowers are depicted pasty.
An artwork by Ans does not just arise. Themes such as letting go, accepting life with sadness, mourning, joy, birth and old age are reflected in the works of art that always radiate a positive charge. When she paints her urge to create looks for a way out on the canvas. Painting is at least as important to Ans as the final result. Wonderfull colours and perfect quality. Finished with varnish .
Ans Duin's paintings hang at various locations across Europe, England and America.