Harold Aspers

Nimeesha 2, 2018
Acrylic, varnish on woodpanel
100 x 150 x 5 cm
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A special portrait in which the woman's face beautifully captures the light. This is clearly visible in real life. The serene appearance is enhanced by the look and the composition. The artist's painting style is characterized by the creation of a special crackle effect with a visibly and palpably full structure, as well as clear lines in contrast with a free painting style. This larger-than-life portraits are built up layer by layer using mostly self-developed techniques. By stacking translucent layers, the portrait is emotionally charged, which gives each work a unique character. With this artist it is not about understanding the works, but about being able to feel them. Within the well-known theme of the female portrait, this artist is constantly on the go in a search for natural beauty that goes beyond the wafer-thin facade.