Wim Jonker

Crowded, ca. 2016
62 x 35 x 17 cm
These house objects are made by Wim Jonker. Wim is an artist born (1953) in The Hague. He has lived in Lelystad for over 1.5 years. He is inspired by his travels around the world. Wim currently lives in Thailand, because of the love and the love for the country, as can be seen in the art.
Wim is inspired by decay. Materials that are decaying. For example, walking the dog and decaying pieces of wood, then he immediately thought I should take that with me and make something out of it. You see that a lot in those slums. And that inspires me to these house objects. That is a creative urge. The inspiration can be anything, a stump in the forest, a dilapidated building, things that evoke a certain feeling in me. Simple things. If I find a stump, suddenly a house object comes up against the mountain. I once also had a discussion about death and that's how my object with houses and behind them cheerful skeletons arose, which evoke laughable reactions.
It's funny to see how people react differently to that.