Peter Adams Beelden Born in Bladel in 1959

Celine (1/8), 2022
177 x 33 x 20 cm
The artistic process for Peter Adams is based on fixed principles. Craftsmanship is the basis of this, starting with the sketch. If you can't make good sketches, you don't have to start spatial work. Also important: dare to determine your position. Against the flow, Peter Adams clings to the figuration. Because he believes that this artistic movement ('Realistic working is no longer taught in the courses.') should not be lost, but much more because he knows that this is where his qualities lie. It is precisely in the figuration that he succeeds in introducing movement – ​​another fixed starting point. When looking at the sculptures, you always see flowing lines – from bottom to top, rotating, diagonally, again and again directions that take over each other. As a result, the sculptures, however still, are in motion, get life.
Get expressiveness.

The price of the sculpture includes the bluestone pedestal [which is 1.20 meters]